Do You Still Need Additional Storm Protection With Hurricane Impact Windows?

Here in Florida, hurricane season comes around year after year, exposing us to a few months of dread. And we all understand the need for protection on our doors and
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How Do They Test Hurricane Windows?

Florida Building Code TAS 201 is the critical regulation that was imposed after Hurricane Andrew demolished the South Miami area back in 1992. This regulation is now the standard for
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How Do Impact Windows Work?

If you live in South Florida, you’ve probably heard of hurricane impact doors and windows. These provide protection in our hurricanes and windstorms without the need for added shutters and
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Thinking of Installing Hurricane Windows? Here are 10 Good Reasons to Do It

If you live anywhere in South Florida, you know the need to protect your home during hurricane season. And there is nowhere that is more vulnerable than your glass windows
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Hurricane Shutters or Impact Windows in Florida? The Advantages and Pitfalls

Here in Florida, a hurricane can be one of the biggest dangers to your most important investment — your home. For most of us who have lived here any amount
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How Impact Windows and Doors in Florida Spell Bad News for Burglars

As a Florida resident, you probably know about hurricane impact doors and windows and their resistance to our seasonal storms. But what you may not know is that they can
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Can Your Windows Sustain a Category 5 Hurricane? Ours Can!

Here in Florida, our windows serve many duties. Not only do they allow sunlight and air into our homes and keep heat and humidity outside, but they must also sustain
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5 Important Reasons to Install Hurricane Windows in Your Florida Home Before the Next Hurricane Strikes

Okay, we know. We’re already knee-deep into our 2020 hurricane season. Which is all the more reason to look seriously at installing hurricane windows and doors in your home. In
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